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City of NSB Parking Task Force Status

Parking Task Force – Working Hard for Solutions Desperately Needed

The Parking Task Force had their first meeting on April 4, 2023.  Tony Otte was voted in as Chair.  Gerard Pendergast was approved as Vice Chair.  Along with a lot of information accumulated during past proceedings on this topic from various sources, the Assistant City Manager provided a draft schedule of meetings for review. The members requested some field trips and additional information. There was an initial discussion on how to proceed.  A video recording of all meetings can be viewed on the “” website under the “Agendas & Minutes” tab.

The Task Force has had five (5) additional meetings. The focus has narrowed to a two-pronged approach that is supported by technology improvements.  There is an immediate need for additional surface parking, with a long-term focus on locating appropriate sites for multi-level parking garages that fit into the NSB environment.  Both of these approaches require support from increased use of technology, such as parking applications, and less reliance on the Kiosk approach. The goal is to improve parking space availability to the user, and streamline revenue collection. The City will also be able to gather and provide valuable data regarding use of parking within the city.  The Task Force is firmly focused on improved technology across the parking spectrum, and are gathering information to support their recommendations.  The proposed report outline can be found at CLICK HERE 230418 PTF Mtg Proposed Report Outline Otte.pdf

Two critical issues became apparent:  1) problems related to the availability of parking spaces in Venetian Bay  2) a needed focus on beach parking.  For Venetian Bay, it appeared that the best hope for resolution  rests with opportunities to influence when and if the developer submits changes to the Planned Unit Development for zoning. City staff has engaged with the developer and has had the opportunity to present concerns.

The Task Force questioned the County Coastal Division, who manages the beach.  A new bid has been made on the beach toll booth contract. More options using technology to control beach access are being sought.  The representatives for the County Coastal Division were unable to provide full details regarding the contract as it was in the procurement stage.  The County did indicate that they would be interested in partnering with the City as they develop future use of technology and parking space availability.

Per City staff on surface parking capacity, there is a planned expansion of the lot opposite Dollar General on A1A. This lot is a private venture for paid parking that adds approximately 110 additional parking spaces. A proposed private parking garage north of the Boston Fish House adjacent to the bank was also reviewed. This would add some additional 100 spaces after taking care of tenants which include the bank, retail, and a restaurant. The building design was also reviewed.

The Task Force has received briefings from several outside sources, including an approach to Uber like public transport, parking garage design considerations, and information from the City police parking enforcement. Parking Enforcement indicated a new option to be able to boot and/or tow parking violators with unpaid tickets, that was not available before. The Task Force indicated a desire to meet with other city governments who have addressed the parking issues, such as Cocoa Beach and St Augustine, who have a parking manager on staff. Winter Park’s current work towards what is called “Smart City” was mentioned as another contact. To learn more about Winter Park’s Smart City initiative CLICK HERE  

The Task Force has also expressed interest in meeting with the Cor Meth church to talk about expanding the City leased spaces. If expansion is possible,  what would it take to change the lot from free to paid parking using an application.  Such a transition has potential to reverse the current City expenditure to a positive and shared revenue with the church. The layout of the lot (trees, etc.) makes rearrangement and  surface work difficult.

Finally, the Task Force continues to ask for data from the City. These requests seems to require work to put together so information is not readily available. They asked for a parking capacity study and that required preparation, indicating it was probably not a monitored data point.  When asked about Venetian Bay, it was admitted that the City does not monitor the compliance to the Planning Unit Development application regarding parking spaces by the developer, although in a later meeting the staff did report that the developer was in compliance at this time.

There are six more meetings of the Task Force scheduled for 07/12, 08/01, 08/15, 08/29, and 09/8. The report is scheduled for 09/19. The Task Force has indicated a desire to ask for an additional meeting to flesh out the report. Business owner and resident participation are welcome!

The Alliance believes the Task Force is headed in the right direction, but could use some dedicated attention by City staff. Although they have been responsive, it sometimes feels like they are not fully engaged in the process. We have observed the Task Force ask to meet with other city’s personnel via Zoom if needed, but those engagement have not been acted on by our city staff. We would like to see those meetings arranged on an expedited basis. The Alliance does support this project, but hopes we can come to a definitive and disciplined way forward as the demands for parking will only get worse.

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  1. Raymond F Collins

    Please forgive me if this is not the right place. What I write below is simply a suggestion. and I am not certain where to leave comments.
    Some months back a number of additional STOP signs were placed on Riverside Drive. It is definitely a response to a need. In my walking on Riverside Drive, many still do not come to a full stop. Some do; some don’t. thanks to those who do.
    I am from the northeast and it seems that a greater deterrent for cars exceeding the speed limits, are ‘speed bumps’. They go by different names. Going through a STOP sign will not damage my car, but speed over a speed bump, can damage. I believe they can be more effective. Maybe all of this was weighed, but I simply want to add this to the mix.

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