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All Politics Are Local And You Need To Get Involved To Protect Yourself And Your Rights!

The New Smyrna Beach Alliance is an organization dedicated to keeping our citizens informed about what our City Government is doing.

There is always a lot going on in the city, and keeping abreast of what is important is challenging. The goal of this website is to identify topics that are circling at the commission that can significantly impact you, your property, your basic rights, and to make sure that the City Commission is doing their job in alignment with effective government.

Unfortunately, it is often true, that simple tasks our city government addresses, evolve in ways that create over-reach, or scope creep, to the detriment of our community.

The section below begins your journey in exploring current business at our city government that fall within the parameters described above. Join us in keeping our city beautiful and equitable for all. Your voice needs to be amplified and here is an opportunity to make that happen.

Believe it or not, what is happening on the national stage is also happening in New Smyrna Beach on the local stage. Understanding what is transpiring is important to you and your family.

Locally, there are a number of organized groups that are very active in our political landscape. A good example is the New Smyrna Beach Residents Coalition. Some of this groups’ initiatives are out of line with current property rights, heavily aligned with the “Green New Deal”, and in some cases represent significant government over-reach.

We believe it is important to get the facts out and engage people like you to get involved and be heard.

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Historic Preservation Commission – AKA “HOA”

The HPC (Historic Preservation Commission) is actively trying to embed powers into this entity that will impact property rights and individuals who own real estate inside and potentially outside of the Historic district. Read more

New Smyrna Beach Parking Task Force

The city commission has agreed to create a parking task force and are in the process of selecting members. Read more

NSB Clean Waterways – What’s Happening

We need to better protect our waterways. Here is some astounding and critical information regarding derelict boats and live aboard vessels in our waterways. Read more



Special Alert-City Manager Selection Process

 Alliance Position on the City Manager Decision and Selection Process Update

The Alliance has published what we believe to be the qualities and skills needed in a new city manager and unlike the other group in town, we do not believe their focus on Sustainability and Historic Preservation resonates with the majority of the 32,000 residents.  The Alliance on the other hand, submitted a broad-based list of competencies that we see as needed in our new manager and you can view that by clicking the link below:

042824 NSB Alliance Position on the New City Manager.pdf

Last Thursday the City Commission reduced the list to five finalists and voted to invite them, along with their spouses, here over the weekend of June 6-7. Subsequently, one of the final five withdrew as he took another job. That left us with four finalists and two standbys should another candidate withdraw. Here is the list as it now stands, in alpha order, with resumes accessible below each group.

Kevin Cowper

Robin Hayes

Scott Moye

James Slaton

052124-Finalists for the NSB City Manager Position Resumes.pdf

The standby candidates are:

Carmen Davis

Jeff Mihelich

052124-Standby Finalists for the NSB City Manager Position Resumes 01.pdf

You can review how the Mayor and Commissioners ranked them by following this link:

051624 – Scoring Sheet for City Manager Candidates.pdf

Many of our residents do not understand the manner in which our NSB government is organized nor that the City Manager runs the government on a daily basis and as the supervisor of all city employees, has a far greater impact on how we progress as a city than do the Mayor and the City Commissioners. Thus the selection of our new city manager will impact our future as a city for years to come and requires your interest and attention in order to select the best candidate; not the narrowly focused candidate that the Resident’s Coalition want. That group presented some narrowly structured survey results that reflect their key advocacies to the Commission reflecting input from only about 293 people (and we are not sure all of the respondents were even city residents). To put that in perspective, 293 is about .0009% of the city’s 32000 residents and thus is statistically irrelevant.

We encourage you to attend the Meet and Greet on Friday evening June 6th at the new location and time

The Live Oak Cultural Center at 1080 Live Oak Street starting at 6:30 PM. Refreshments will be provided by Flagler Tavern

where you can interact with and ask questions of the candidates and/or their spouses.

On Saturday, Jun 7, starting at 8AM, you can advise the Commission of your feelings and opinions on the candidates during the Public Participation session at the start of the meeting. That will be followed by the candidates making presentations to the Commission as well as the Commissioners asking them questions.

For the record the Alliance is opposed to the selection of Jeff Mihelich for the reasons stated by Vice Mayor Perrine in the recent session. Her views were complimented by a recent post in the online blogger post that you can read HERE. His demonstrated lack of commitment to the goals of the city where he was employed at the time when he made the YouTube comments. is not what we want or need in NSB. Please advise the Mayor and Commissioners of this when you write them, or speak at the Public Participation on Saturday morning.

It is a important that you take this opportunity to participate in this momentous decision process.

Thank you and we will see you there.